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The Main Principles of Physical Security

The Main Principles of Physical Security Digital CPD


As part of HS Security, this CPD Presentation explores the fundamental principles of physical security, guiding designers, consultants and end-users on ensuring their security scheme is operationally and aesthetically appropriate.

The well-understood phrase – ‘Doing Something is Better Than Nothing’ can be dangerous if not understood correctly.

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This CPD will place the principles in context and enable designers and end-users to be empowered to take control over security decisions for the sites and schemes they create.

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Learning Outcomes

- The history of hostile vehicle mitigation attacks to help the audience understand how the industry has 

- The importance of product positioning and stand-off to mitigate and reduce the impact of a potential vehicular

- Understanding all threats mitigated by physical security products when protecting critical national
  infrastructure (CNI).

- Understanding the different measures which can be used to protect people and CNI.

- Learning about certification standards used to ensure products utilised for physical security are fit for

The Main Principles Of Physical Security Digital CPD


About HS Security

Barkers Fencing called on the experience and expertise of our sister companies to develop this presentation as HS Security. HS Security is a group of companies all owned by Hill and Smith Holdings, who specialise in highly advanced physical security solutions. Together we have the expertise to protect people and places around the world.

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