Mitigating Road Vehicle Incursion On The UK's Rail Network


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 A road vehicle incursion (RVI) is the intrusion of a vehicle or part of a vehicle over the boundary between network rail and any third party at an overbridge or a neighbouring site.

Mitigating RVI's is important because the number of RVI incidents is increasing in regularity. Also, there are currently hundreds of thousands risky sites right now.


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This presentation aims to educate people on the matrix used to assess the risk and the solutions available to mitigate the risk on the UK's rail network.

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Why Should We Mitigate RVI's?

Following a crash in 2001, whereby a passenger train travelling from Newcastle to London hit a Land Rover Defender which had fell down the embankment of the M62 and was obstructing the tracks.

The passenger train was then struck by a freight train which killed 10 people including the drivers from both trains and injured 82 passengers.
In 2003, the Department for Transport issued making Network Rail, Highways England and local authorities responsible for mitigating the risk of a road vehicle getting onto the tracks.

As we have seen road vehicle incursion pose significate risk to the safety of rail passengers.


Learning Outcomes

- Understand Barkers’ involvement in rail infrastructure

- Discover facts & figures about RVI's

 - Learn how and why RVI's occur

- Understand why we should care about preventing RVI's

- Discover what the government guidelines are

- Learn what can be done to help mitigate RVI's

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